“I got admitted into Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) and not Allama Iqbal Medical College (AIMC) ” said my brother. I was like “Sims the game?”. Trust me the thing I would most definitely change about SIMS, if given the chance, is gonna be it’s name.

Leave that aside, after a whole year of hearing the blood sucking atmosphere of MBBS and SIMS from my brother I was praying to God the very next year “No Sims please” but the Fate was decided and history had to run its course and so the very next year I find myself in SIMS Quite the contrary to my thinking I really really enjoyed it. Don’t worry my review is gonna be as unbiased as it gets.

What is Sims?

SIMS stands for Services Institute of Medical Sciences. as the name suggests it’s a medical institute offering no course except MBBS. Services Hospital and FOPIC are its attached departments.. it’s the 3rd highest with regards to merit in Punjab, with regards to the actual ranking I have no Idea.

SIMS campus is in the heart of one of the nation’s most vibrant cities. Lahore’s unique charm and character emerges from its central role in medical careers of students and the ready access it offers to a cosmopolitan abundance of personal and professional opportunities.

The college life :

Student Life at SIMS is a celebration of diversity. It is coming together of extraordinarily talented individuals from a wide variety of ethnic , cultural , social and educational experiences and backgrounds who share intense ambition to be good doctors. the commitment to the professional growth of every member of community is reflected in the depth of academic , faculty, research, professional and social support services that Sims offers.

During the first week of enrollments , the incoming students receive their White coats as they prepare for the challenges of med school.
I thought to myself I m gonna call myself a SIMPSOn! but unfortunately I got a plagiarised version of the SiMpsons the SiMsonians.

5 acres of greatness I couldn’t handle, thought it was too much for me😂. Jokes aside the only major thing im gonna complain about the college is the lack of Playgrounds.ok ok…..I agree That right in front is the Race Course Park but hear me out on this one! to reach there is nothing less than a miracle.. You have to cross The Uncrossable Jail Road teeming with Metal Clad monsters (I mean Cars😑).

Trust me it takes me more than 10 minutes to be from one to the other side…aaah.
All this aside it’s hard to disagree that the campus is luxurious with an eye-catching building with four floors and to add the extra topping is the centrally air conditioned campus.

Don’t even get me started on the Library. Trust me very beautiful. Someone said very beautifully:

” University is just a place surrounding a Library”.

Now, everyday starts with waking up in hostel, or in home for day scholars, followed by leaving for the college and attending practicals or the lectures.
Minimum attendance requirement is 75%, may not seem difficult but trust me it is easier said than done.

SIMS Entrance

Internal assessment for the Professional Exam conducted each year must be satisfactory otherwise consider yourself in grave trouble.

Teachers are very capable, capable enough to teach us well. It’s not a bit Exaggerated to say that of all the medical colleges SIMS has the most tedious parhai. The hectic routine from 8 to 2 is all that is needed to make you tired. All this aside if you keep a balance between curricular and extra curricular stuff you’ll enjoy every part of it.

Let me say a cliché : SIMS is a place where dreams come true.
After having seen other med schools as well no other campus could steal my heart coz “Love Is Not Love Which Alters when it Alteration finds” though same can’t be said of the hostels.
Beautiful Campus with beautiful people make it a great place.

What do you study?

Medical sciences covers a vast scope of ever changing and expanding knowledge that forms the basis of modern medicine.

Biochemistry Lab At SIMS.

Clinical skills ensures the acquisition of knowledge is accompanied by communication skills, the ability to examine patients and critically appraise information.

Population health addresses the relationship between humans, their society and environment.

Professionalism and leadership develops these vital skills of a good doctor.

Library of SIMS

The curriculum is built on important frameworks that explore the social foundations of medicine, develop understanding of the indigenous health context in Punjab, and provide insights and experience in health care in rural and/or remote Pakistan settings. Consistent with the research intensive nature of SIMS, The program also develops the research skills of the students.

One of the best aspects of the SIMS is the collegiality between students and staff. In such a close cohort you develop terrific working relationships with your peers and with your teachers. Amongst students, the atmosphere is incredibly supportive – we help each other out in so many ways.

Years one and two :

During the first two years of the course, the curriculum is built around problem based learning (PBL) tutorials. PBL sessions are designed to promote creative and analytical thinking through both cooperative and self directed learning.

Each week, students are presented with a PBL case study, working through hypotheses and diagnoses in a scientific manner. The PBL sessions are supported by lectures and practical tutorials. All learning resources are easily accessible through the college library.

The Services hospital campus is the principal teaching location. Its facilities are complemented by those of Fopic.

Societies :

Sims is not all about “parhai” extra curricular activities are integral part of it. All the societies work at their best and try to achieve the max performance.”They are actually the most fun part about SIMS.”

Our Short Movie Society has won many national awards. Don’t forget the SDLS ( Sims debating and literary society) it too has achieved the same.
Zephyr is the society which identifies the singing and other artisitic talents from the campus and helps in discovering amazing talent.

Sports week is also held and every class competes with the other in winning medals.
The academic societies serve the SIMS mission to create and nurture a community of the best people committed to leadership in alleviating human suffering caused by disease.
As far as the curriculum is concerned ,it is the same for all the med schools offering undergraduate program, so not gonna talk about that.

SIMS: The Bad and The Ugly

Hostels undoubtedly are so bad that I don’t even want to mention them. So just leave them. Time is what is required for its betterment and obviously funds too . But still the situation is quite miserable.

No rules , no mess , no nothing. leave aside the luxuries the boys are congested in rooms and rooms are in real bad condition causing mental stress to the students. So, most of the students are forced to live either in private hostels or private apartments.

Another Big problem about SIMS is that its not recognized by common folk when someone asks me “Beta Kahan Parhte Ho??” and I ,with pride, reply “Uncle SIMS se MBBS ker raha hun.” Then everyones sole reply is “Beta Private hai ye??” And then I have to explain almost everytime that its one of the most reconized Institute in Punjab and is present at the third number on the Merit List.

Nonetheless you can’t complain since SIMS is just an infant relative to other med schools which are hundreds of years old. This infancy is not at all bad. It has its advantages like being the most modern college with all the latest medical equipments and the latest teaching methods.

Some might say that I am praising Sims coz I study there , agar aap ko aisa lagta hai to  aap ghalat ho. There are people who don’t like being here but that’s with all the places.

As I have already mentioned that Studies are really difficult ,the departments are not lenient about studies and this might be one of the reasons of SIMSphobia.
SIMs is a place, you either love or hate.



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