National University of Sciences and Technology, is one of the most prestigious and the most lavishing institute of Pakistan. Oh! you already know that, so let’s stop beating about the bush and talk about real facts and the life at NUST.

The article will be in a quite detail and is brimming with the NUSTIAN things so if you are just going to skim it you will miss the most of it so just grab yourself a couple of minutes and enjoy the whole article. As far as my introduction is concerned I am a NUSTIAN from SMME batch 2k16. 

 Status of NUST: 

I don’t need to mention about the status and its position and ranking worldwide as you all guys are well acquainted about that so I just wanted to describe here that the programs in NUST has been recognized by Washington Accord which is an international agreement for professional engineering academic degrees through which you can apply for the jobs in the agreed countries via your undergraduate degree which was not possible before its accreditation which is the distinguish feature in NUST as compared to other universities in Pakistan. SMME, SEECS and NICE are under the pact from H-12 Islamabad campus and subsequent schools of NUST in all Pakistan.                                        

Academic Life: 

The academic life in NUST literally depends upon in which School you are enrolled in. If you are there in NBS or S3H believe me it’s not that tough as compared to the engineering schools you have no labs and no OHTs just mid and final and some presentations.They can be seen saying  “Yaar boht mushkil hai”. The enrolled ones please take no offense. Talking about SADA they have quite tough schedule. One of the guy told me that they have daily routine more tougher than the exams week.

Now let’s see that what happens in the engineering schools. We can easily split the Schools in correspondence to their hectic academic life among them SEECS and SMME give you a really tough time. As you know that students enrolled in these Schools are also the top merit position holders so it make the situation gloomier.

You have two OHTs (One Hour Test) in place of mids and then a final, then we don’t stop here and you have lab viva and reports, Semester Projects and their demonstration ,the unexpected bundle of quizzes and assignments. So it makes the whole pile a more bulky and somehow willingly we face these things in every semester. 

Learning at NUST: 

Stent Test Rig

Grades are very important no doubt as they dictate your level of understanding and learning associated with the undergoing course but believe me in the semester of approximately four and a half month you cannot master the whole things about the course so some stuff left unlearned which we would be intended to have learned being the engineers.

So how you are able to learn all the things and the best answer to that is your project as NUST has got a good and handsome package of course projects to offer and the most of your learning can be achieved via your projects so don’t miss the projects there in NUST. Also the most important thing is that the interviewer when you appear for the job interview asks about the projects you have done so if you haven’t done them well, it will be going to pose some serious cons for you.

Literally we used to cry and blame over the structure of the course but in the end if you would compare yourselves with other engineering college’s students you would notice the variance. NUST also offers other projects like NUST Formula Student, NUST Shell Eco- Marathon, NUST Robo-cup Project and also many projects are offered by IMECHE NUST Student Chapter. 

 Grading Scheme: 

NUST has got one of toughest system of grading for you. Lets talk what is different from other universities and it is that here you have no A (minor), O no. And the grading here is relative so always watch for the course average and you must be above average otherwise “app ke liye acha nai hoga”.

As the average is depending on the instructor you are going to have a straight forward C+ or C in the severe case (mostly in SEECS). We ask for the average first and ask for our obtained marks later and when you are above average yes you have done it, you are now on the safe side. 

The labs can affect your grades but cannot effect your course grades so don’t have the low aggregate in the labs. Having CGPA above 3.0 is okay which is threshold for the multinational companies. For Fatima fertilizers, Fauji Fertilizers and Engro Corp. it would be better to keep the CGPA above 3.5.

As for the aggregate constituents are concerned they are 30% OHTs , 40 or 50% finals and the rest % is  covered by the quizzes assignments and projects. So if you want an A in the course remember do not put yourself below average in any segment. 


As in every institute you have awesome and awful teachers so same is the case when we talk about NUST. And let me tell you that your grades they are completely dependent on your teacher and it’s the acknowledged opinion that the grades are not influenced by its difficulty rather they are the function of the course instructor so never make a mess with your teacher as you are going to have a straight forward “decorated D” in that course.

And in some cases what we call “the lifting” would do the work. Cheers. You can easily find the teachers which teach something else and give something else in the exam. These teachers can be seen highly appreciated among the students. However the teachers here are highly qualified and most of them have their Post Doc. from foreign countries. 

Students and Cafes: 

Did I associate the café with the students? Yep!! The students and the cafes are the most interlinked things In NUST. In here we have two major cafes named as Concordia 1(C1)(my favorite) and Concordia 2 (C2) and also we have C3,C4, Café 309 and Jangoo. The prior mentioned cafes C1 and C2 are the real shelter for the depressed ones, the happy ones, for the love birds and the Taroos(stalkers).

As C1 is connected with the dreamed schools of NBS, S3H and SADA. So its popularity is unprecedented. And why is that? As I have mentioned the schools of NBS, S3H and SADA, they have enrolled a prodigious amount of girls and the girls of caliber what we say “akheer”. And we can see the SMMIANS and NICIANS lurking in every balcony of the C1 and C2 as these Schools are thinner with respect to female representation.

The C2’s biryani is hit and C1’s tikkas are worth mentioning. The barber shop at C2 is rarely visited because of bad reputation and if you want to ruin your hair just visit him. Now if we do the classification of the students there are the following seven Types.

The depressed ones: These can be seen complaining about their GPAs and the course instructor’s unparalleled behavior with them.

The Society boys: These can be seen engaged in each and every society (will be explained in next section) striving hard to gain popularity.

The thetas’: These can be largely seen in the schools of SEECS and SMME listening to the lectures very carefully, preparing notes and can be seen to compete for every single absolute.

The technical ones: These guys ,also known as the (jogaaros), mainly focus on the projects and can be seen involved in other students projects as well.

The party boys: These can be seen going in groups to watch the movies and are very interested in treat parties. They can be seen demanding treats from there fellows and making plans for outing.

The free lancers: These guys can be seen writing contents, making vlogs, and the graphic designers and video editors.

The gamers: These can be seen talking about the games and the gamming laptops and are always seen in the hostels asking for the joystick when playing COD. 

You might be thinking the missing category of the Taroos(stalkers), well in university every one is the addict of that thing. Three words that students from any region can be seen to utter are “Chussars”, “Sasty” and “Chathen na maar”. Cheers. 

 Distances and NUST transport: 

NUST H-12 campus is stretched in an area of 750 acres and is the Third largest University in Pakistan with respect to area. And the distances in between some Schools are of several km’s. If you want to go SCME from SMME then it is going to take almost 20-25 min’s on foot.

So in the scorching heat it becomes impossible for you to travel in NUST. Among the Schools, SMME, SNS and NICE are isolated from other schools and C1 and C2 is also away from their reach. So you would need a transport facility to move in NUST. 

To meet this concern NUSTIANS have introduced CYKIQ. It provides an economical and viable solution for short distance commute in universities and closed communities.

How CYKIQ works:

Students will simply have to install an application in their cell phones to access the available bicycle at the nearest point. Bicycles would be parked at five different spots in the campus from where the students may access its availability through the application.  “Bicycles will work on ‘sharing model’ which will help in their maximum utilization. The department to department distance is almost 10 minutes which would be easily covered by bicycle utilization. The fare rates are quite reasonable.

Let me tell you a story of NUST Electric Transport van which carries students in all the university but consider my case in my two years of stay at NUST I have availed its ride just for three to four times. And here is the reason for it’s scarce availability .Whenever the van is going in my direction it is completely occupied with girls and the boys can be seen in the amount of one or two. And when it is vacant it is moving in the direction opposite to me. So my hard luck or the girls empowerment that I hardly get any chance to ride on it.

Now being a guy you cannot avail any lift on the bike because NUST has made the helmet for both the passengers compulsory on bike so this option is now nulled out for us and for the cars, they hardly bother to stop for us but if a group of two or three girls wave their hands for lift we can see more than one vehicles stopping for them for the lift. The irony of nature !!!

Internship and Job scene: 

In at NUST being the top notch university, all the multi-national companies pay a visit and employ many students. Among these companies the worth-mentioning are PMI (Inkompass), Uniliver, P&G, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, ICI dulux , Nestle, British American Tobacco , K electric, Dawlance, English Biscuits, Engro Corps. and many others.
So by pushing you in these companies NUST plays vital role for giving you a good start in your professional career. 


NUST lacks the system of communities that prevails in UET and Quaid-e-Azam University. Rather here we have the societies for you and these societies are responsible for conducting all the events in here. These societies can make your life at NUST enjoyable and memorable. The nature of the societies are either Central or the Departmental .In the central the OC is from every department whereas the departmental societies are limited to the departments only .The party scene is quite heavy in the societies. We have the following Central societies in here: 

NAC (NUST Adventure Club): Conducts the trips and excursions.
NCSC (Nust Community Service Club): Conducts social events and blood donation drives and collect donations for the needy through its’ Al-Qalam project.
NMC (Nust Media Club): Covers the events conducted by every society and conduct events on its own.
NEC (Nust Entrepreneurs Club): Conducts events like Orientation etc.
NLC (Nust Literary Circle): Conducts literature related event and Musharas.
NDC (Nust Dramatics Club): Conducts plays and dramas and much more.
NSS:(Nust Science Society): Conducts Science-BEE which is one of the lit event at NUST.
And many others.

Now as far as the grooming is concerned the societies in NUST provides the gateway and you can have the opportunity to explore yourself and look for your talents and weaknesses. If you do work in the society and not been just the member of the society. So if you really want to have a wonderful experience at NUST than be a part of the societies. 

Hostel Life: 

The hostel life is the most promising feature while being at NUST. The Hostel rooms are in nicer conditions and the mess schedule is quite upright as compared to other universities out there. The mess dressing is most painful thing in here. You cannot wear shorts and Bermudas and the sleepers while going to mess. Sometimes the situation become strict and sometimes we are at ease so you must watch out for yourself to not get  fined for mess rules violation.

If you are returning from mess and someone is going to mess, than it is must for that guy to ask you “aj kia paka hai” even though he may know the schedule. On Thursday the Biryani is served in the dinner which I love it.

During the month of Ramadan if feels like a prison as the studentsare served mostly contains Daal(bilkul pheeki) in the dinner. Iftari is also not upto the hopes. Also the exams of spring semester are so imminent that party scene cannot be done with much ease.

The Hostels for boys are RUMI, RAZI, GHAZALI and ATTAR (each having two blocks except RUMI). The girls’ hostels are AYESHA, FATIMA, KHADEJA and ZAINAB. The internet speed fluctuates between satisfactory levels to poor levels though after hours of rona dhona and complaints to the Manager, the issue is resolved.

And one thing that i like most is  is that you can leave your rooms open and go out and no one is going to take a single pin of yours. On Friday night the COD boys can be seen in every room doing multiplayer gaming. Friday is considered to be the party night in here with two promising holidays ahead.The hostel encompasses a laundry, the TV lounge and the Gym/Snooker table.  

The thing i hate most about the hostels is the curfew time which is 2300 hrs for boys and 2130 hrs for girls. If you got even one minute late than you are going to receive a fine slip of Rs.1000. But thank God they have installed the Vending machines so that you can eat at night when you are hungry or have miss the mess. Otherwise you would be going to die of hunger in the curfewed hostels and would be hating your life at NUST. 

 Concluding Paragraph: 

Summing up the whole scenario life at NUST is the most enchanting, enthusiastic, wild, full with memories, full with learning, brain storming and the personality development, consists of hard times (the exams) and some sincere friendship. 



  1. Amazing full review about NUST !
    I just want to know about Hostels.
    How many students(freshies) are enrolled every year.
    Does it depends on merit no ?

    • Dear Zain,
      Thanks for your appreciation. I don’t know the exact figures almost all of those are allotted hostels which applied within 24 hrs of admission offered.Then later on the allotments are offered as soon as the vacancy is generated during semester. And it does not depend on your merit position it is on first come first serve basis. Hope the answer is done.


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