Matric and Intermediate examination policy amid Covid 19

If you are confused about FSc or Matriculation exam policy, here are all the details you need to know about the updated Examination policy 2020.


A lot of students are confused about their future amid corona crisis and what is the promotion policy for students like Repeaters, improves and in general this policy is in clouds. This article will provide you all the information regarding promotion policy 2020 and where you stand in these uncertain times.

Here are the 8 points which address each and every student and see for yourself that you fall in which category!

  • If you are in Intermediate second year now and did not take First year exams then next year when to take 2nd year exams, your 1st year marks will be same to 2nd year marks you gain.
  • If you were in 2nd year and had to take 2nd year exams this year than your 2nd year marks now will be equal to your 1st year marks + 3%.
  • Practical marks: 50% marks will be awarded to all students and rest of 50% will be according to your theory marks in the respective subject.
  • If you were improving a whole year or both years then special exams will be held which you can take.
  • If you are improving only one subject then of both years your higher marks in respective subject will be considered for other year too.
  • Special exam will be held in Oct-November of this year.
  • If a student failed in two subjects than it will be promoted but if student failed in 3 or more subjects, he/she will have to sit in special exams being held in November-October.
  • If a student was absent in exams or had his/her result cancelled, he/she have to sit in special exams.

Hopefully this will clarify any sort of confusion you have in your mind and still if you have any queries, fell free to contact us!


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