Five mistakes which you are going to make in MDCAT 2018


A lot of students do not score well in MDCAT although they are so well prepared. Well You see MDCAT is not test of your knowledge, else I would like to call it a whole test which is going to test your IQ, EQ, Memory, Stress Handling, Time Management and many other things. You must have steel nerves to nail MDCAT and here is complete guide on how to score well.
I am going to tell you some mistakes which students do and then mourn because they are well prepared academically but not mentally.

1-Sequence Mistake :

You are probably aware of it if you are taking a test series in academies these days but believe me risk factor for this mistake is going to increase multiple times when you are sitting in examination and having a race against time. To overcome is mistake , speak a bit louder your MCQ number and the find that number on bubble sheet and then speak your MCQ number , better use a ruler to determine a straight line od bubbles in front of number and then fill the bubble.

2-Not Proper Diet :

People say that eat well on that morning but lets be pratical and realistic. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EAT UPTO YOUR FILL ON THAT MORNING. It is because you are so tensed and well who can eat in tension. So I recommend to set a whole diet plan a day or two before . It is going to be much beneficial. Also take water on morning but not so much what you might need to go to washroom during test. Also eat a chocolate 10 mins before start of test BUT beware if you have teeth pain problems in past , I can create disturbance for you during test.

3- Clothes :

Wear Loose Clothes . As entry test is in summer season and there is not much of air conditioning in test centres so you are going to have a lot of sweating. If you are wearing half sleeves then sweat from your arm could damage the bubble sheet. So be sure to wear full sleeves.

4- Taking stress of difficult MCQS :

MDCAT is a survival game . You need tactics to nail it. One thing is that while attempting the MCQS , you are going to take tension of difficult MCQS and then probably miss the easy ones to. So Take rounds of whole paper with starting from easy to difficult

5- Being over smart :

Don’t be over smart. The statement of MCQS itself is conveying its meaning , in MDCAT there are no under the cover or hidden meanings of MCQS. So , do not judge the statements by your self and just attempt what is written.

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